My name is Jeremy McHugh.I draw good. I write good. Which do you think I do gooder?

My studio blog is getting a re-boot!

Here I am in the shiny new environs of WordPress. Nice tools here at my fingertips and plenty of room to grow.

To see the old blog posts simply click here my friends. It was a Yahoo blog. I know….

Seeing as how this is a wide community, I should definitely introduce myself.

My name is Jeremy McHugh and I am a freelance illustrator. In short, I draw and paint silly pictures in order to scratch out my meager living from a basement studio which has been known to occasionally flood.

All part of the charm and character….

It is here that I will write my occasional musings, diatribes, vitriol, Hallelujahs, and praise.

I may also, at times, cry on the cyber-shoulders of my faithful five readers or attempt to crowd-surf to celebrate some minor victory that only a struggling illustrator would get excited about. If you are wondering what a commercial artist goes through, then you will soon understand. Generally, not the stuff of a blockbuster film, and yet not for the faint-hearted either.

To get the full flavor of being a professional artist-type, I recommend heating up a cup of ramen and flavoring it with ketchup. Mmmmmmm….robust.

If you are at all curious about the type of work I do, please head on over to

Don’t worry; it’s office-friendly stuff. I do fantasy/sci-fi and humorous illustration work primarily. It is a lot of fun. I’ve worked on roleplaying game books, collectible card games, board games, merchandise, concept art, advertising work, and so on. I attend comic shows and gaming conventions where I showcase my work and meet enthusiasts. Sell prints occasionally.

While I continue to do the genre work, I am also expanding into editorial and advertising work, and children’s illustration.

I am passionate about illustration, both fantasy/sci-fi and mainstream, so if you find someone whose work you feel I should be made aware of, don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section of this here blog! I am all for expanding my horizons.

Well, I guess that wraps up this first post.

And here’s a picture to get us started. It is a cover assignment I just recently completed for Expeditious Retreat Press. It deals with plague.

My little story behind this is that the woman was the last person in the village to succumb to the fever. There being no one to carry her to the mass grave, she decided to lay herself down amongst her people that she might join them in death.

Don’t worry folks. I promise the topics won’t always be this heavy.

What most excited me about this assignment was that I got the chance to use my lovely wife as a model. Ain’t she cute?!

The Last

The Last


One Response to “My name is Jeremy McHugh.I draw good. I write good. Which do you think I do gooder?”

  1. Josh Yer twin Says:

    This is a macabre, beautiful piece, me broder…I love the muted color palette. Remarkable.

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