I love brainstorming while sitting in the safety of a covered porch.

I spent yesterday brainstorming about a project for another blog a friend and I are producing here at wordpress.

It was equal parts relaxing and exhilarating. I made myself chuckle with some of my ideas. Some of my time was spent writing out my thoughts and some of it was spent just doodling.

This is one of my favorite past-times.  Sitting  in a  comfortable chair with a  cheap notebook in my lap. Breaking the stillness of the afternoon heat with a scratching sound of a pen on lined paper. The sound of writing has a very different character than that of drawing. Writing has a “scritch-scratch-scritch-scritch-scratch-scritch” kind of sound with its own beat.

Some times up-tempo and frenetic ( a complete sentence springing to mind and needing instant recording).

Sometimes plodding like a funeral dirge ( I am fighting to get the idea down onto paper).

Drawing can be one prolonged “whirring” sound where the ball-point never leaves the paper. Just one long line varying in pressure. Running over itself in almost spirograph fashion. A momentary pause. Maybe a few percussive strokes. And the whirring melody sets off again as the lines I have set inspire new ones.

I just completed a set of twelve illustrations for Expeditious Retreat Press. Eleven quarter-page pieces and one half-page assignment. A bit of a tight deadline, but this is par for course when working with smaller publishers. Small publishers so often like to walk fast and look worried. Hurry up and wait. Still, this company is equally fast with getting me project details and paychecks in a timely fashion–so no complaints really. Plus, I get plenty of creative freedom.

I also just delivered the inked drawing for a children’s coloring wall to be completed at a local children’s event–“The 2008 Day for Kids” to be held here in downtown Manchester, NH. It was a  fun project that I volunteered for.  I practically  grew up at the  Manchester Girls’ & Boys’ Club on Union Street and they are  coordinating the event.  I was proud to be a part of it. I will be on hand for the big day drawing with the kids.

I can’t wait!

Well, back to my grind.


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