The Studio gets an uplift and Wonder Woman pays a visit.

Aaaaahhhh, to finally sit once again before my blog. I’ve been busy here in the studio. Wrapped up some rush work for Green Ronin. Now I am sketching up some ideas for Expeditious Retreat Press. All good fun.

I have a comic show coming up this weekend. I’ll be heading down with my friend, Don Higgins. Once again, I must thank Bob Shaw over at Serendipity Art Sales for the invite. I do enjoy going down there. 

I have a shiny new Imac with 24″ screen, 3.06 duo Processor, and 4 gigs of Ram. I am in love and it is not just a summer thing. I upgraded to a 6×11 Wacom Intuos 3 Tablet and Corel Painter X which has been a marriage made in heaven.  I have now moved the studio upstairs where the sun greets me and the air is fresh. It has done wonders for my mood and creativity. the bustle of my wife and father going about their day as I labor here at the back of the house has reminded me that I too have much to do.

Still, I can also sit and watch the season change around me. I have windows on all sides and can hear the light rain fall so typical of this time of year. It is now early autumn and the leaves have started to turn. Phoenix-like they will burst into flame and fall to be re-born in a few months time. Can’t wait to watch the carnage!

The rain taps with no particular rhythm on the window sills. I can hear the whooshing sound of distant cars passing by carrying their passengers to parts unknown. Makes me wonder a bit on where I will be heading next…

This is much better than the small postage stamp of a window with a glorious view of newly-paved driveway. 

So, now that my studio is no longer in the basement proper, how can I still legitimately call this studio blog McHugh’s Basement? Well, the name is actually more descriptive of where I come up with my illustration ideas. The basement of our house has long been a place to store things. Ephemera that lay mummy-like in the darkness and seldom re-visited sat strewn in all corners. Mice made their empire there both on the floor and high above in the drop ceiling amongst the ruin of former days. It was only when I came along and brought new order that light was restored to the dark places.

In a sense that is what I do when I sit and sketch. I bring a lantern down into the basement and see what I unearth. Deep eh? 😉

Anyhoo, onto matters more productive. I am once again contributing to Wonder Woman Day. This is the third charity auction bearing the name and my second time being a part of it. Last year I did a pencil rendering, but this year I went whole hog and did a watercolor pin-up for the event. I hope it will do well at auction. I went with strong saturated colors and black ink in honor of my comic book roots.

Below: My artwork contribution for Wonder Woman Day III.

Watercolor and ink on 9×12 cold-pressed watercolor paper.


To learn more about the event, head on over to 

The auction will feature work from many well-known comic artists and illustrators and the funds raised will go to help raise awareness and provide operating capital for domestic violence shelters and a women’s crisis hot-line. Hope you’ll take part!


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