Phew!Deadlines met! Time to update.

Hey all,

I finally wrapped up my black and white interiors for Green Ronin Publishing and Expeditious Retreat Press.

They were great fun. Now all that is on my plate are a comic pin-up and a private commission for an old friend. I’ve already started sketching on those and am enjoying the results. I’ll be sure to post the finals here when they’re available.

I have recently discovered the joys of on-line networking both for business purposes and for finding old friends and making new ones! I joined LinkedIn, Plaxo, and FaceBook and I have been endlessly surprised by the people I am finding. Fellow pros I’ve known for years. Connecting with some of my art heroes. Friends from high school and college. I liken it to walking in on a big surprise party.

It has been terrific having all sorts of people visiting my studio as I work ( over the world wide web, of course). 

One of my biggest weaknesses as a freelance business owner has been promoting my work and reaching out to the wider community. On-line networking has been a good thing for me and my work. I encourage business owners to get out there and meet folks. I’ve also made it a point to get out in the “analog” world and meet people. I’ve made some  good friends. It would be awful easy to cloister myself here in my wee studio, but I think both my mood and my work would stagnate for it. 

I love to talking to other artists and creative folks. I learn so much. 

I went to the Day For Kids 2008 and drew with the kids which was wonderful. I played the “Let’s make a Monster” game where I ask my young collaborator a series of questions and from their answers I quick-sketch and ink a monster. The kids loved it and the parents were very appreciative. I picked up my pen at 10 am and did not set it down until 3pm. I was flat-out drawing the entire time. 

There in the trenches with me was fellow artist and new friend, Jay Piscopo. He did an awesome job drawing the kid’s favorite characters and introducing them to his comic book hero, Capt’n Eli. His assistant, the lovely Tami,  made sure we didn’t pass out from thirst during the long day. She was a true heroine.

A terrific book that Jay has been working hard on . The style of the book is drawn from the ol’ Hanna Barbera Action shows such as Johnny Quest and Space Ghost. Alex Toth’s expert hand ( a primary influence on Jay’s strong style) is well in evidence. He gave me a copy and I’ve been enjoying the read and the walk down memory lane. 🙂

Check out the artist and his book over at:

I’ll be doing a pin-up based on characters from the book and can’t wait to get started on the final. I’ve been having a blast just doing thumbnails! 

Can’t wait to hang out with them again at a convention down the road.

Now I am just seeking my next contract assignment. Checking my email is like going downstairs on Christmas morning. You never know what you’ll find under the tree. A card assignment? A book assignment? A magazine job? Hmmmm…..

Thanks for reading my random thoughts, folks.

Back to the grind.


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