New sketchbook!

Well, I have started a new sketchbook. One of them there fancy 9×12 bound sketch books with the micro-perforations to make it easy to tear pages out.

I love new sketchbooks. A new sketch book represents untold hours of drawing enjoyment. Each blank page–a new opportunity to practice the nerdly arts. 🙂

I will occasionally share pages from my new sketch book here in the blog. I know I love looking through artists’ sketchbooks. I learn a lot from them. Seeing how other artists arrive at their ideas and what they do “when no one’s looking”. Fascinating.

Here is my latest sketch. I hope you get a chuckle out of it. I intend to work up a painting of this little fellow shortly. I’ll be sure to post it here when that happens for those interested in seeing how it turns out.

I spent the weekend with my nephew and nieces up north. We spent much of the time playing outside in the fall leaves and drawing silly monsters together and playing with the family’s menagerie of pets ( dogs, cats, guinea pigs).  We had a great time and I got covered in so much molted fur that I looked like a yeti. 

This sketch came as a direct result of that playtime.



2 Responses to “New sketchbook!”

  1. Katrin Says:

    I love this sketch! It`s great!


    • mchughstudios Says:

      Thanks, Katrin.
      I had to take a brief hiatus with blog posts due to an insane work schedule coupled with the Ninja Mountain Podcast, but I should now be back in the saddle with regular posts. Even my sketch outings had to take a back seat as I got caught up. I did still get in the odd opportunity to sketch which has been fun.
      I will begin a series of posts that discuss my working process among other things.
      Thanks for reading!

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