A new fantasy piece and tons to update.

Well, it’s been pretty eventful of late.

Episode 9 of the podcast I co-host, “Ninja Mountain Scrolls” has posted and is being very well-received.

I am so proud to be a part of that.

I’ve wrapped up artwork on a boardgame and some fantasy rpg book interiors.

Now I am at work on a book cover for  Goodman Games that I think is some of my best work to date.

My latest portfolio piece is complete and I am preparing some large prints of it for the Boston Comicon coming up next weekend.


I’ve also been taking part in Jon Schindehette’s blog,  Art Order ‘s weekly Concept Tuesday Contest which has been great fun. I’ll be sure to post my entrues for those here. They’ve been great fun so far.

I gotta jet, but here is that new portfolio piece I mentioned…A Dragon Slayer…or so our hero hopes….




4 Responses to “A new fantasy piece and tons to update.”

  1. ATOM Says:

    Great piece! The contrasting colours and lighting are really moody and interesting. I think that Fighting man’s time has come!

  2. Katrin Says:


    this is a fantastic work!
    Love it so much!!!!!!!

    You are very talented and I love your paintings here so much!

    I have bookmarked you, so I can find you back in the future!
    I am sure, I will be here very often now!

    Have a very nice day,
    greetings from Germany,


  3. Stefan Vittori Says:

    Really nice work, very inspiring. Would love to hear more about the creation and process of your work.

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Hi Stefan, Sorry for being away so long. I’ve been plowed under with work and the Ninja Mountain Podcast. I think a tutorial will soon be in order. It will more or less highlight how I tackle stuff. I think I will start writing more in depth on that topic for a while. Thanks!

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