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Yesterday, I sent in my finished artwork for Paizo. I am hopeful of more work in the months come. The art director, Sarah Robinson, was a treat to work with. The descriptions were just detailed enough to give me a spring board to be creative. She even sent me the necessary reference ! How helpful is that?!

I can’t tell you how many times in the past I’ve received art descriptions that assumed I had deep knowledge of a company’s intellectual property.

” I want a 3/4 shot of a Xorchnarg as seen in Monsters of Demon Fart Ridge…only this one should have horns and wield a dire rapier…” and then give me absolutely no visual reference or even a description to work with. This usually leads to prolonged pestering of the art director for reference that only arrives within a day of the sketch deadline. Aaargh!

Thankfully, these instances are rare enough that I don’t have to pad the walls of my studio.

Any way, I am very pleased with my work on the book. The only heartbreak for me is that the publication doesn’t come out until the Fall which means I have to wait three months before I can show it off to the world and four months before I can expect payment. Oh well. Good with the bad, no?

Now I am working up sketches for Expeditious Retreat Press. A small budget, but the material is compelling. I did a few thumbnail sketches at my local Panera’s over coffee and an egg sandwich. Is there a better way to work, I ask you?!



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