The cover contest entries are in!

I just went to see all the entries for the “Drow Vs Mind Flayer” cover contest over at Art Order ( Jon Schindehette’s blog about illustration and art direction) and there were some truly great entries. 

There were some really inspired pieces in the line-up!

My faves ( in numerical order as I scroll down the list of entries) were numbers 14, 16, 25, 27, 37 ( guess who!), 39, 52, 60, and 66.

All kidding aside, I admit intimidation when I view some of these entries. They are very well-executed and exciting to look at.

I am certainly learning a few things from them on what I can do to improve my own work. 🙂

To see all the entries, head on over to the following link:

The judges of this contest will be Jon Schindehette himself, Irene Gallo of Tor Books’ fame, Matt Adelsperger of Wizards of the Coast Books, and Kate Irwin of Mirrorstone Books and Wizards of The Coast Books. That is quite a panel of respected art directors and I am sure whatever comments they make about the entries will be very informative. Be sure to check it out as the contest continues!

I really look forward to reading their thoughts on my piece and to seeing what I can do to improve upon it with their guidance. 

If possible, I will post those results in this blog as a continuation of the WIP/Tutorial.

Back to my laborious labors! 🙂


2 Responses to “The cover contest entries are in!”

  1. Joe Slucher Says:

    Your piece in the comp looks great Jeremy. Looking through them again, I’d say that yours is the only one where I hate to see the back covered with text.

    I really expected with the convention season there would be fewer competitors and therefor perhaps a good chance for feedback from the judges but there was a hell of a turn out with really great stuff. #14 took the cake for me. It was just so readable and high contrast that it immediately grabs you.

    It’s also interesting to look at what people are picking as their favorites and then see how that compares to their work. Sometimes you can see that so and so obviously likes great lighting, or composition,etc. Everybody values things differently.

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Thanks, Joe.
      There were so many entries with such a wide field of talent that it is really hard to spot an obvious winner in the batch.
      The judges have their work cut out for them. I look forward to seeing what the judges pick in the end and to learning the reasons for their choice.
      This contest has a lot of educational potential and I’ll be watching it closely.

      Your piece (no. 39 was it)? Has an effective use of warm colors to help the image pop on the front cover. Plus, having a drow biting the tentacle off a Mind Flayer is just the kind of over-the-top bad-assery that stands out, my friend. 🙂
      Good luck in the judging!

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