Alas, My Drow Vs Mind Flayer cover contest entry, the subject of my recent Work-In-Progress tutorial, is getting no love.



It is not a no-win situation, though. The entries that won the judges’ hearts received excellent comments that give real insight into their thought processes and I have found it very useful as I pursue future projects. 🙂

I got to learn more about what makes a successful book cover and to produce a useful tutorial for those interested in digital painting. All around a terrific experience!


For those interested in viewing the winners and the useful commentary provided by the judges, head on over to Art Order !


4 Responses to “”

  1. Tracy E Flynn Says:

    I too got no love, but a lot of good info and even experience from the challenge. Enjoyed your tutorial, and was even able to benefit from the information even tho I don’t do digital.



  2. mchughstudios Says:

    Hey Tracy,

    I’m glad you enjoyed the articles. It was a fun little contest. I may re-visit my entry and work more into it and at least garner a nice portfolio piece from it, though I may do some things to take it out of the “book cover” mold I had initially sought.
    It does not seem to work as a cover in view of the things I’ve learned from the comments of judges and blog participants, but it could serve well in other capacities. 🙂
    Back to the drawing board and preparations for GenCon!

  3. Tariq Hassan Says:

    Hi Jeremy.. I really appreciate seeing your process work out.. I like the composition of the background in your painting a lot..

    I got 75% through a submission for this contest but in the end I didn’t like it enough to enter it..

    BTW.. If you’re going to GenCon.. It’s my first on, and I’d really like to meet some people that I’ve met( and in your case heard online.)

    I’ll only be there Thurs and Fri, but If I can find you, I’d like to put a face to the name..



    • mchughstudios Says:

      Thanks, Tariq,
      I’m glad you found the tutorial useful. I’ll be re-visiting my entry to hopefully sculpt it into a more successful image. 🙂
      It’s important for me to work on a piece until I learn all I can from it. It may not succeed, but it will lead to future success, if I have my way.

      It would be nice to meet you,Tariq. I’ll be in the art show all four days ( though I may be away at times to meet AD’s and to interview folks for the show).
      Do stop by and we can record a shout-out to your fellow listeners!
      See you there. 🙂

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