Baby-sitting and sketching.

I am out of the studio and am currently house/baby/pet-sitting.

It began last Saturday and continues through tomorrow evening. 

My responsibilities include 3 awesome kids, 3 dogs, 4 cats, some house flies, and a basement filed with spiders. 

The internet connection here is spotty as all get-out, hence my relative lack of posts. Y’know–those posts I promised would be more forthcoming? Ugh.

I did manage to bring my iMac with me along with my art supplies, though it has been hard to get any meaningful work done. As it turns out, I am slightly allergic to the zoo-ful of critters that reside here in every known crevice of the home. It has made concentrating a rather difficult task.

 I am set up in a corner of the family dining room on a folding table with a bare-bones computer set-up. Just my iMac and a Wacom tablet. As a drawing surface I brought along a big ol’ hunk o’board to rest in my lap and prop up on the dining table. Not that much drawing has been going on due to the before-mentioned allergies.

 On a more interesting note, the head of the graphic arts department at a local college is preparing a new curriculum focused on 3D computer game design. If this new course track comes to fruition, he would like me to teach a course on character/concept design. I am pretty excited at the prospect. I actually enjoy teaching.

 Also, I am going to try something new with the blog.

I’ll start posting regular warm-up sketches. Digital bits and bobs to get the ol’ drawing hand limbered up for the day’s work.

Here is the first of many such rough exercises. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

If things go as planned, then many more are to come!10_28_2009_snowhuntress



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