November 4th Daily warm-up sketch-a-doodle.



Ghostly Gal

Here is today’s daily warm-up.

I should state  that I seldom have an idea as I set out on one of these. I just start making little digital marks and forms start to suggest themselves to me and I press on from there. It is pretty free form. It is not unlike what happens in my sketchbook really. 

These daily sketches could just as easily be labeled “visual wanderings” and it would still be an accurate description. 🙂

They get my imagination going and my hand is good and ready for some painting when I’m through.

I would recommend it to anyone who does this for a living to do some warm-up doodles.

It does a body good. 🙂

Today’s sketch was laid in with purposely light washes. I love these light applications of color and value. It lends a certain atmosphere that I wanted to play with. Hence, the ghostly gal we see here today.

Hope you enjoy it and I hope you will experiment with some daily playtime as well.

See you tomorrow!



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