Post for November 10th. Batz and off to Illuxcon!


Late, I know.

Today I prepared for my excursion to Illuxcon. I leave in the early morning on Wednesday.

I’ll be recording interviews for the podcast and learning as much as I can from some truly gifted artists. 

Wish me luck! It is going to be a terrific week. I’ll be back with new installments on Tuesday!


2 Responses to “Post for November 10th. Batz and off to Illuxcon!”

  1. Chris Says:

    You lucky bastard. Have fun at Illuxcon. Oh, and I like your Batman. These warm up sketches are quite nice. Keep ’em up.

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Thanks, Chris!
      I had a blast at the symposium which just burned hellfire on all cylinders!
      I recorded some awesome interviews with artists in attendance. Very cool stuff.

      I’m glad you are digging the up to date warm-up stuff. It’s become a necessity for me and is proving to be a great way to start the day’s work.

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