November 17th Daily warm-up! Back from Illuxcon!

I’m back from Illuxcon and what a show it was!

I interviewed a gaggle of artists for the Ninja Mountain Podcast. 

Brom, Bob Eggleton, Michael Whelan, Larry Elmore, LA Williams, Bill O’Connor, Mark Zug, Volkan Baga, Don Maitz, Justin Gerard, Gary Lippincott, Matt Stewart, Ian Miller, Robh Ruppel, Steve Ellis, Donato Giancola,and plenty of other folks. Should be a great show when it gets cut together. 🙂 

I talked with so many fine folks and learned about their work.

I had a great time hanging out with college student, Joe Acone. It was so much fun viewing the event through his eager eyes. Everything was so new and exciting to him that I could not help but be infected with his enthusiasm. I was reminded about why I loved this stuff while watching him experience his first convention.

I learned so much. I’ll be working in acrylics and watercolor for a while and I received some encouraging advice. I look forward to eventually showing you the fruits of those labors. I’ll be doing my future work for Paizo Publishing ( Pathfinder) in acrylics as it turns out. I am not too far off-track it seems. 🙂 Hooray!

Maybe by this time next year I will have tons of paintings to share.

Big things I walked away with—

Fantasy artists are among the friendliest and most generous people you will meet.

Printing does no real justice to the presence of an actual original piece of art.

You must not skimp on your advertising/ self-promotion budget and expect to make money.

The future of illustration may not lie in printed books as the publishing industry is forced to explore digital distribution, but good illustration will remain an important part of even a digital book’s packaging.

Digital painting skills are important and will grow in importance as publishers will expect work to be completed on a “digital timeline”. You will be expected to produce work with speed and efficiency that traditional means may not allow for. You may remain a traditionalist, but be prepared to make changes to your work at the request of an editor that would be unthinkable just a few year’s ago. Knowledge of digital painting will make it possible to continue your trade and keep pace with the workflow that is becoming prevalent within the various illustration markets.

Work hard and do what you love. 🙂

I’m now off to do just that.

‘Til tomorrow…



6 Responses to “November 17th Daily warm-up! Back from Illuxcon!”

  1. M. C. Matz Says:

    My 2nd IlluxCon and this one was so intense! The exhibition floor was packed and all those walls were over-flowing with paintings. I am looking forward to hearing the interviews!

  2. Chelsea Conlin Says:

    Love the little assassin-bird-man! 🙂

  3. Allen Williams Says:

    I just wanted to say it was a pleasure meeting you at the show and thanks for the interview. I hope that there was some part of my rambling that was usable. I enjoy talking process and theory with others so thanks for the great questions.
    Best regards,

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Thanks, Allen!
      It was a terrific interview, sir. I’m sure our listeners will enjoy it. I know I did.
      What a great time Illuxcon was.
      Meeting you and so many other talented artists made the trip worthwhile.

      Keep up the tremendous work, sir. 🙂

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