November 23rd Daily Warm-up!

Today’s daily warm-up is here! Good fun. 🙂

Hey, check out part 2 of the Illuxcon Special over at

I got to interview many more artists at the event and I think you’ll enjoy them. 🙂

I’ve finally picked up some of the skills necessary to edit the audio for the show which will help take some of the load off my pals Patrick and Jon who’ve handled the huge task of editing all the past show recordings .

So now our program has three sound editors which will help us maintain our weekly schedule. Very nice.

I now return to some work for Paizo. For this batch. I’m starting each piece with watercolor and wrapping it up with acrylic. A pretty handy combination. I can work the watercolor to something quite fine and delicate and then step in with acrylic to lay on my opaque colors. I am am pleased so far with the working process and it reads quite well. 

Well, back to it.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


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