Daily Warm-up for December 2nd.

Today’s warm-up seemed to scream “Barbarian Bug Killer”.

I went to the chiropractor today and he made sweet, sweet music with my spine. I had no idea my neck could produce those sounds. I kept waiting for my legs to go numb, but I actually am more mobile now which seems impossible considering what was done to me. 🙂

We recorded this week’s episode of the Ninja Mountain Podcast where a listener posed the topic of how to speed up the work of a practicing illustrator. Some interesting thoughts came forward and  some of them were even on-topic. 😉

That show should come out Friday as normal once Patrick and I can figure out who will have the honor of editing. *cough*PATRICK! *cough*. Ahem. 😉

Now I find myself wishing to save up for a larger home printer so I can experiment with printing out digital underpainting in order to finish off with traditional media. I’ve seen some fine examples of the animal and would not mind doing something similar. 

My experiments with doing my first passes of painting with watercolor seem to be going well. I am looking forward to testing it out on some half-page assignments and a cover.

Back to work!


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