December 8th Daily Warm-up.

Today’s warm-up! 

Late in coming , but finally here.

Onto today’s deadlines. Things are moving slowly in the studio. I must work gingerly otherwise I set my shoulder on self-destruct, but progress will  be made. 🙂

A blizzard looms over New England and I am now wondering how I will set about removing the large volume of snow that will bury our driveway in the hours ahead.

Still, I have the drawing board to keep me warm. 🙂

I’m looking at re-designing my website, but am still trying to figure out a simple Wysiwyg tool to use in that effort. Rapid Weaver looks like an attractive option. Simple to use. Drag-and-drop design and supposedly it creates nice clean code.

Might be nice to not have to muscle my way through the learning curve associated with Xhtml and CSS. 

I’ve tried setting up the WordPress option available to me through my website host, but am not happy with the various templates and functionality. 

I want a simple portfolio site with the capacity for easy updating and perhaps an in-line frame for my blog to reside in. A nice mix of dynamic content and easy to navigate portfolio pages.

Hmmm. The research continues…


2 Responses to “December 8th Daily Warm-up.”

  1. Jeff Says:

    In my eternal struggle to compulsively defend WordPress, there’s a theme and a handfull of plugins for every possible need!

    As far as your warmup sketch goes, at first glance, it looks like your demon lord has a nice, cozy green scarf to keep him from catching a chill.

    Finally, regarding your impending snowy doom. I’m glad to say we dodged that particular mess down here in ol’ Virginy.

    Stay warm!

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Hey Sometimes, even demons just want to be cozy.
      ( offered in a cooing sort of voice) Who’s a snuggle-muffin?! That’s right! You’re a snuggle-muffin aren’t you, Mr Beezelbub! Yes you are!Yes You are!

      I will continue to keep WordPress in mind for my websiting needs. I’ll look into it more deeply.
      I hope the snow gives us a miss as well, but ol’ New Hampshire is a magnet for the white stuff.

      Thanks, mate! My best to Veronica and the fam. 🙂

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