The Daily warm-up for December 9th.


Wintry Cup

The shoulder is feeling better. Just in time for a blizzard where I will have to risk my shoulder and back shoveling the white stuff. Ugh. Take it slow…

Enjoy another cup of coffee and stay warm in the studio. Don’t think about the massing army of white flakes that are building up just outside my studio door and preparing their siege of the castle.

Today we record the next episode of Ninja Mountain which is always fun.

I sat down to the drawing board in earnest yesterday and am pleased so far with the results of the watercolor techniques I’ve been employing in my current work.

It’s been exciting. I’ve been trying out the mixed media with the smaller assignments of my current batch of work, but I am now starting to feel confident enough to take it into my half-page jobs and a cover gig.

Hard work ahead, but I am nearly strong enough to settle in and work without worry. 🙂



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