Daily Warm-up for January 4th. Torchy…



Today’s daily warm-up features this little fellow. I think he’s like a kobold wizardy type

(you’d have to be a D&D nerd to get this reference I think).

I’m working hard in the studio on a cover assignment and dealing with auto repairs.

I sent in my latest assignments for Paizo which were all executed in watercolor and acrylics. I await the verdict on them, but I really like how they came out. 🙂

My car broke down in the parking lot of my mechanic’s shop. Can a man get luckier than that?

I think not.

My wife and I went into the Verizon store to have a look at the Motorola Droid and left with one strapped to my hip. I have to admit it is pretty sweet.

I can now carry my virtual studio with me on the road.

Check email.

Update Twitter and this blog if I like.

It even has turn-by-turn GPS. Nice. 

It’s like a little laptop netbook really.

Well, time to get to work paying for it…Ugh.

‘Til next time!


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