I’m back! New daily warm-up for January 11th!


Hover jitney


Well, I missed this place. I’ve been running crazy lately.

On my To-Do list was:

Lease a new car and get it registered and insured.

Complete a cover.

Record and edit episode 47 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast.

Sketching for assignments and being sucked away from the studio at inopportune moments.


It’s good to be back in the studio.  🙂

Now I must be off to get some more serious sketching done!



4 Responses to “I’m back! New daily warm-up for January 11th!”

  1. Jon Hodgson Says:

    Thank God you’re back. The universe went out of kilter for a few days there sans daily warm up sketch!

    • mchughstudios Says:

      You know I only do these for you, Jon.
      I was starting to feel bad about you lingering by your monitor day after day just waiting for any sign that a new sketch would appear.
      How many times did you hold your breath as you hit the re-load button on your browser in fresh hopes of a new update? 😉

  2. mchughstudios Says:

    You are resourceful!
    Send me the medical bill on that missing digit.
    Your loyalty shall not go unrewarded!

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