New Daily Warm-up for January 15th. RAWR!



Last daily warm-up before the weekend!

Another three-eyed monster.

Hmmm….seems to be a theme this week. 🙂

Episode 48 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast is available at:

I cut that together yesterday. It’s a fun gab-fest between Socar, Drew, and myself.

I hope you’ll enjoy a listen.

In the meantime, work continues on some book interiors for Paizo that I am well pleased with.

The weekend is almost here and I foresee much of it being spent in the studio.

I may be able to get out for a little bit with my wife, if she is not called in for work. 🙂

Fingers crossed.

Balancing work with play has always been a challenge for me. Work tips the balance far too often for my mental health I think.

These warm-ups have been a tonic for that affliction, but I could certainly do with more time spent in the outside world.

Otherwise I could end up on a city street corner wearing a chicken on my head while singing the “Star-Spangled Banner” in reverse.  The tips might be good, but it is probably best to avoid that potentiality…

Back to work.

“evarb fo emoh eht dna eerf eht fo dnal eht rof…. “


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