Daily Warm-up for January 20th. General Bones


General Bones

Today’s doodle became a character named “General Bones”.

Bit of dark sci-fi stuff seems to have ruled the pen today. 🙂

Yesterday I scrapped the illustration I was working on. It simply was not working. I have since re-drawn it and am now finishing up the painting and it looks magnitudes of order better. I’m so glad I stepped away from it and struck out on a better path.

It was a Eureka moment for me.

Sometimes you have to abandon a piece and try again. When these things happen, take them as a learning experience and embrace the opportunity to grow in your craft. It may mean a late night, but you will likely be a better illustrator for it.

News break!

We’re recording the 49th episode of the Ninja Mountain Podcast today and I asked for questions from listeners over on Twitter. We usually get some great topics from our fellow Ninjas.If you’re unfamiliar with our illustration-related podcast, head over to www.ninjamountain.blogspot.com for a listen.

Next week will mark our 50th episode and 1-year anniversary of the show’s launch! We have well over 60 hours of programming filled with professional discussion, great interviews, and convention/event coverage.  We have more planned for the second year of the show, so stay tuned!



One Response to “Daily Warm-up for January 20th. General Bones”

  1. Simon Buckroyd (Binoched) Says:

    Congratulations on the 50th episode! I’ve listened to every one and find it a great source of entertainment. It’s one of the best art related pods out there. Wishing you all continued success for the future.

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