Daily warm-up for February 12th. Toothsome…



The latest silliness to escape my drawing board.

I hope you like him.

Valentine’s Day grows near and I must prepare a hand-made card for my betrothed. I am thinking perhaps something with watercolors involved would be fun. Don’t worry. My wife never actually reads my blog. My secret is safe. 😉

Onwards to the day’s work!

Oh, and next week the Ninja Mountain Podcast will feature Linda Kattwinkel,  a copyright lawyer. Linda will answer our questions about copyright and intellectual property.

If you happen to have any questions I can put forth during the show, please feel free to post them in the comments page of this entry, or head over to the latest Ninja Mountain Podcast show entry at http://ninjamountain.blogspot.com/2010/02/episode-52-ohh-those-peevish-ninjas.html
and post in the comments section for this week’s episode. 🙂

Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Daily warm-up for February 12th. Toothsome…”

  1. Carryl Says:

    This is fantastic – so cute! Can I buy a print??? 🙂

    • mchughstudios Says:

      Hey girlfriend!
      My sister from another mister!

      I would take a cup o joe in trade some time. 🙂
      We’ll gather at a Panera’s for lunch some time and make the trade. It’s the new caffeine-based economy….

      I’m actually thinking of putting together a sketchbook of these once the first 100 sketches are done.
      Should be good for a laugh!
      We’ll see if it comes together.

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