Daily warm-up for February 22nd. Calamari.



Another weirdo escapes my computer screen.

Work continues apace on my recent assignments though I’ve still been slowed by a nasty cold. I think I am almost past the worst of it. ( crosses fingers)

Like all good freelancers,I’m also working on lining up my next projects and developing leads with new companies.

That has been an occasional weakness of mine where I  focus so much on the current project that I fail to line up the next job. This can lead to a lot of thumb twiddling.

I consider it one of my new resolutions to be more active in developing new business for my studio.

I keep an eye out for open calls from companies posted to industry websites ( such as www.rpg.net). I look at what other artists are doing and who they’re doing it for. 

I follow up on tips given to me by friends.

I find myself writing more emails than should be allowed. Ugh.

All part of the business of being in business, eh? 🙂

Back to it!

I’ve also got me some painting to do! I’ve just spray-fixed the watercolor stage of my next assignment and am about to slap down some acrylics. Can’t wait!


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