Episode 59 of Ninja Mountain and a new printer!

No time for a sketch session today.

I had a podcast to edit together. 🙂

Episode 59 is available for the listening at the Ninja Mountain Scrolls.

My buddy, “Prof” came on the show and we had a great time peppering the poor man with questions. A couple of Brits return to the show as well for a fun segment on their current projects. Very cool.

I also set out yesterday to order myself a shiny new Epson R 1900 printer.

It’ll be the newest tool in my studio arsenal and will allow me to more quickly size up sketches to painting dimensions. It can print to watercolor paper and board ( I am told).

I see a lot of experimentation coming up as I find ways to streamline my workflow.

Plus, I’ll be able to make better quality prints for sale at shows. The ink set on this puppy is top-notch and are pigment-based rather than dye. This makes the prints much more resilient. 

Can’t wait to crank it up!


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