Daily warm-up for April 8th. Magi.



The latest strangeness from my tablet.

And I picked up my new printer, an Epson R1900. I’m looking forward to offering some nice quality prints at cons in the future as well as incorporating it into my work flow as so many of my arty friends have successfully done.

I am editing the next episode of the Ninja Mountain Podcast. We turn 60 this week!

The show has 2 segments. One recorded by the UK clan and one recorded on North American soil. Very nice! It should be good fun when it’s all pasted together. 🙂

Onwards to the painting for today.


2 Responses to “Daily warm-up for April 8th. Magi.”

  1. Thomas Hine Says:

    What is the medium you are using here? I love the fast, high energy style! I want a go!

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