Daily Warm-up for March 19th. Tusky

March 19, 2010


Tusky one

Another sketch from my desktop to yours. 🙂

Episode 57 of the Ninja Mountain Podcast is available at: www.ninjamountain.blogspot.com

This will be a busy weekend in the studio for the most part. 

I’ve just about wrapped up two paintings and am starting the pencils on a third. 

Starting a new painting is like striking down a new road and you hope the destination is as exciting as the journey. 🙂 ( I am so tweeting that…philosophic gold—LOL)

I also have to prepare my taxes. Ugh. 

Should the forces of the universe finally succeed in my destruction ( ie. The IRS)…please think warmly  of my memory.


Daily Warm-up for March 18th. Wyrmish

March 18, 2010



I hope folks had a terrific St. Patrick’s Day.

I spent most of yesterday recording and editing the next episode of Ninja Mountain which should be up later today, I reckon.

My twin brother joined us for a chat! It was great fun and I look forward to folks’ reactions.

Now I’m off to finish up the show.

Then time to paint!

Daily warm-up for March 16th. Pinkodon.

March 16, 2010



The Tenderest morsel of the dinosaur age…definitely not a carnivore….

Daily warm-up for March 15th. Alien Karaoke time!

March 15, 2010


Alien Karaoke Night!

It’s Alien Karaoke Night at the StarLight Lounge…

Join your fellow would-be lounge singers in half-remembered lyrics and awkward pauses!

That’s all for today.

Back to the serious business of making silly pictures! 🙂

Daily warm-up for March 12th. General of Saturn…

March 12, 2010


A General of Saturn

I am currently reading “A Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs on my Droid phone.

Very cool and the inspiration for a fighting man of another planet in the galaxy.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be painting here in the studio. 🙂


Daily warm-up for March 11th. Flying Thief…

March 11, 2010


Flying thief

Thieves are cool. Flying thieves? Made of rock-n-roll awesome.

Here are a few digitally painted images from Andoran: Spirit of Liberty. published by the good folks over at Paizo.

Angry Dryan-- Copyright Paizo Publishing

Student--copyright Paizo Publishing

Banker--copyright Paizo Publishing.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Daily Warm-up for March 10th. Orc Man…

March 10, 2010


Orc Man

Today’s warm-up. An Orc Man. Not a self-portrait.

Something about a man who’s half-pig, half-human. Not sure what it is. But something.

Maybe it’s someone walking around with bacon on their bones that so intrigues me…mmmmm…bacon.

Here are a couple of my digital pieces from “Masks of the Living Gods” published by Paizo.

Mask Golem

Fighting The Serpent

Onto the day’s painting. 🙂

Daily warm-up for March 9th. Bad Hair Day…

March 9, 2010


Bad Hair Day...


I seriously need a haircut. I think that sparked this rough offering today. 🙂

A few comp copies arrived in the mail this weekend .

Three titles from Paizo:

“Dwarves of Golarion”, “Masks of The Living God”, and “Andoran: Spirit of Liberty”.

 Quarto Publishing sent me a copy of  “The Fantasy Artist Bible” as well.

I still get a kick out of seeing my work in print even after eight years. 🙂

While the work I did for these books will not likely be part of my regular portfolio due to the big change in my style, I will show some of it here today and in future blog entries.

Here are some examples from “Dwarves of Golarion”.

Thanks for reading!

Daily warm-up for March 8th. Watch yer mouth!

March 8, 2010


Watch your mouth!

Egads! Another Monday is upon us and work continues in earnest. 🙂

Another week of painting awaits me. Have to get caught up on stuff that  had to be set aside this weekend. 

My wife had “a job” for me. I spent the weekend stripping and sanding the floor of our old den.

Beneath a vomit-brown, thread-bare carpet lay an amazing hard wood floor for me to unearth.

All I had to do to make the magic happen was to run a floor sander for far too many hours and then crawl about on my belly with chisels and sand paper.

Oh rapturous me.

I am SO glad to be back in the studio with not a scrap of sandpaper in sight (though my hands have retained this texture in minute detail).


A bit of sad news about a teacher of mine…

March 6, 2010

Many years ago I made the acquaintance of long-time syndicated cartoonist, Larry White.

He was an illustrator with a passion for cartooning and teaching.

I once took a class with him entitled, “Careers in Cartooning” at the local art school.

This experience in my early teens opened  my heart to illustration.

We would run into each other over the ensuing years and I never failed to apprise him of my burgeoning career. It pleased him to know that my experiences in his class put me on the path that he held so dear.

I just learned that Larry has passed away at the age of 84.

Here is a link to Mr White’s obituary, if you care to read on.

I hope that I will have as much of an impact on future artists and illustrators as Larry has.

He is an example worthy of close emulation and he will be missed.

To Larry:

I speak as one of the many people whose lives you’ve touched.

God speed, sir, and thank you for all you have done.